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Here are a few references. We would be happy to supply you with other names and references if you would like to contact us or our past clients.

Dear Potential Home Owner:

We highly recommend having Pete Weisbeck build your home. He built our home six years ago and we have been extremely pleased. He assisted in designing our home as well as constructing it. He was very easy to work with and would offer suggestions along the way to ensure that our home was built with utmost quality. His craftsmanship is excellent. He is extremely honest and fair. He stands behind his work. Building our home was a very enjoyable experience with Pete from the start to the finish


Dennis & Kim Lorenzo

Strykersville, NY

Pete Weisbeck built a custom home for us in the Summer of 2002. For months prior to the start of construction, Pete met with us weekly encouraging us to consider and then reconsider design options and features. He carefully assessed our building location and made recommendations regarding the layout of the house. Pete created sophisticated computer-generated layouts and “walk-through” simulations to assist us in making our design decisions.

Pete was a joy to work with: patient, optimistic and a craftsman beyond our most hopeful expectations. For example, when we discussed with Pete that we would be having hardwood flooring laid on a majority of the living-space and that we wished a hardwood staircase, Pete custom-built the staircase; risers, treads and all. After five years of living in our home, first-time visitors are still drawn to the staircase and frequently comment on the exceptional craftsmanship.

Our experience with Pete was truly a pleasure. We would recommend Pete without the slightest hesitation to anyone considering a custom-building project.

Jerry Werner and Nora O’Neill

Varysburg, NY

Pete was well known in our area for building homes and other structures. My wife and I decided to build a new home on our property but we did not have unlimited funds for a big home. Pete brought us into his office and we talked about what we were looking for in a home and the greatest thing is we immediately connected and were all thinking on the same page. Pete gave some basic ideas, we told him what we thought and he said come back in a week and we'll look at the product on the computer. Pete designed us our beautiful cape style home with full basement, and it was great because we were able to see everything on the computer and my wife was able to make instant changes.

We were able to make a confident decision that Pete was to build us our new home after the design process went smooth with no issues, He drew up a complete contract and pay structure and was our complete contractor for the whole process; everything was so smooth.

Within a few months we had our new home just the way we wanted. It was awesome the work was so solid, ie., beams, stairs, porches and deck. It was perfect because in a few years we wanted to be able to add on to the house, to add our garage.

Four years later and we are so pleased with the design and structure, we asked Pete some 2000 miles away to design a big family room and garage. After a few e-mails and a couple calls he hit it on the head perfectly, Pete is so easy to work with, I tried to convince him to come back to NY to build it for me. The design matched so perfectly with our old home that no-one can tell we even added on to a four year old home and the plans were very easy to work from. I would highly trust and recommend Pete to be a designer/builder for any other project someone would have.

Al & Renee Ficarella


New York


Hi ,

My name is Steve Redden..

I am writing this letter to anyone thinking of using Pete Weisbeck for their construction needs.

I have worked around Pete and many other builders in my life time...Pete has always been very professional , honest, a hard worker and did I mention builds great products. He is able to guide people through the process easily and is always trying to give them what they want.

A lot more goes into a building project than what most people think..from design to the finished product there are many decisions and choices, and you have to know what is best for your customer. Pete comes with years of experience in doing just that.

If you are looking for just a generic building keep looking, but if you want a building to be proud of, be sure and include Pete in you plans.

Steve Redden

Redden heating, plumbing and electrical contracting.

Attica, NY