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Pole Barns

This is my album of all wood pole barns. Over the last 30 years I have built a variety of styles, my favorite buildings are shown on these pages. Every project is designed for the individual homeowner according to their unique requirements, budget and to enhance existing structures nearby.All wood poles barns are economical to build, very sturdy, and when thoughtfully designed, they are very easy to look at.Most of my buildings are constructed of kiln dried framing lumber, with the exterior completely of rough cut hemlock. 12" boxed in overhangs on the eaves and gables as well as clipped garage doors and loading doors add a classic look.Every building is a little different, and after all these years I still believe each project surpasses the previous in quality and design.

Thanks for taking a look........Pete

30'x40' gambrel with partial 2nd floor 32'x36' saltbox with 24'x36' 2nd floor, my first barn in Wyoming!
24'x36' gambrel with 3rd gable 24'x32' gambrel with 12'x20' shed
24'x32' gambrel with 3rd gable 24'x32' gable with open shed
24'x30' gambrel with 12'x24' shed
24'x32' saltbox with gable dormer and 24'x24' 2nd floor
24'x32' gambrel 30'x30' horse barn with loft
30'x40' horse barn with loft and shop in rear 30'x46' with 2nd floor

30'x42' gambrel with gable dormer and partial 2nd floor to accommodate tall RV
32'x30' saltbox, with small loft 34'x36' saltbox with 24'x36' 2nd floor
36'x64' gambrel with 2 gable dormers 36'x60' gambrel
44'x30' imagination is the only limit
28'x30' 12' doors with 8' walls allow RV storage that doesn't overwhelm nearby homes. 24'x32' Saltbox
22'x32' Carriage shed 32'x32' Saltbox with 32'x24' 2nd floor