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This page is where I put all the odds and ends that have no home of their own.

Here are 2 stair options for new homes, hardwood stairs are works of carpenter craftsmanship and beautiful to look at, carpeted stairs are quieter, safer, and much cheaper. It depends on taste and budget, i build about the same number of each.

This is the kitchen I built in our Wyoming house, it's made of cherry cabinets and butternut panels. all from wood I harvested in our woodlot in Wyoming County, NY

This view is looking out to our sun room

This is still one of my favorite buildings, it's a very simple lumber shed, not very hard to build, but the stone foundation took me quite awhile. It just has a good sturdy shape and an honest functionality.

This is the first and only bell roof I ever built, I had built the house behind 10 years earlier, then I built a gambrel barn next to it a few years later, and back when this customer was a kid I did a lot of building for his parents.

The Wedding Bridge, in the Wind River Canyon

Half log stairs in a rustic addition.