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Custom Homes

Here are a few of the houses that I've designed and built over the last 3 decades. Each house is designed with the client, using their ideas and my experience to come up with the ideal plan for their site, budget, present and future needs. A young couple may need a small home that can be easily expanded later. An older couple will have accessibility in mind. Some one building in town may want to focus more on curb appeal.
Porches are an important part of a home.
This home looks out on the Wyoming county hills.
a wrap around porch is a very people friendly amenity
This home was designed not so much for curb appeal because it is deep in the woods but for the view off the porch and the master bedroom , looking over a cliff onto a hidden valley on the family farm.
This house overlooks the Tonawanda Valley, yours truly is in the window, the 24'x32' Saltbox garage was added in front 6 years later.
Every home is different and reflects the owner's tastes, budget, and space requirements.
Lake front home____________________________ pond front home
A simple home in the woods __________a house, a barn and a gazebo, each built 5 years apart, a good customer
This is my first house in Wyoming, I took a builder's sabbatical for a few years to build my own house.
This house was designed as a smaller expandable house for a young couple, A few years later I designed a family room and garage addition, There is still room for a master suite on the left end.  A house can be easily expanded if provisions are made in the initial design and construction.
A smaller retirement house