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About Me

I'm Pete Weisbeck and I've been a carpenter since I graduated from college. I studied forestry and agronomy, but when I was done I promptly put my education to work by swinging a hammer. I just started to put a little jingle in my pocket but I fell in love with building and have been at it ever since. For a few years I framed houses in the suburbs with a good crew and learned production techniques and good building practices. I was building furniture and cabinetry in my spare time so I bought a beautiful cherry woodlot south of Attica,NY, and spent the next 30 years designing and building homes in the the Tonawanda valleyof Wyoming county. Then around 1993 I made the mistake of hunting in different parts of Wyoming. Every time I went there I left a piece of my heart until I had no choice but to move there.

It took awhile but in 2003 we made the big leap of faith and I started work on my own dream house. I always wanted to build a passive solar house but NY just was not the place. Now I live in the land of winter sun and life is good for a solar house builder.