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Welcome to Weisbeck Construction, building quality homes and all wood garages and barns since 1976

Hello and thanks for visiting my site, this site is dedicated to the discussion of thoughtful home design and construction, old fashioned all wood garages and barns, last but not least a discussion of passive solar heat.

A house built today is expected to last well over 100 years. The cost of energy to heat that house will rise at least as fast in the future as it has in the past, yet all around are new houses going up that barely meet the minimum insulation requirements, with inefficient cheap windows, and no use at all of the solar heat which is so generously abundant at least here in the rocky mountain region. These houses are what we can call energy hogs, they look very modern but they are dinosaur dwellings. Even in moderate winter conditions the furnaces are blasting to offset the heat loss. I have seen brand new houses in my area that show every rafter in the roof through a light snow, a dead give away of a cheap insulation job..
These homes will sell in the real estate market of the future about as well as a gas hungry SUV.
An alternative is to carefully design an energy efficient home using thoughtful design, a robust insulation package, quality windows, and use of passive solar heat . These homes will be inexpensive to heat and will command top price in the future market place.

I have always drawn up  every thing that I have built, and I think that is the most important part of any project. Years ago I started preparing plans with my customers. It's a fun process and the results are great, every one thinks a house should work differently so every design is different. Some plans focus more on curb appeal while others are based on traffic flow and use patterns. The process starts with an interview so I can get to know the customers a little, then we either start with some plans from my library, or just start drawing from scratch, I use my customers' ideas and my building experience, and draw with a powerful CAD program called Chief Architect. I've had years of great feedback from my customers on the success of this approach.  Even if some one has a small picture of a plan they like, or a complete plan, I can quickly draw the plan, and this process will show any problems with the design and also allow for some improvement along the way.

 Once a plan is decided on my only request is to submit a price on the project. Because I've already eliminated any design problems, I know exactly how to build each plan so my bids are the most competitive. I can't remember anyone else ever building a house I drew and bid on.  And I have beat the price on every manufactured home plan I have bid on, going ahead and stickbuilding a quality home for less money than those stapled together double and triple wide houses.

Also in these pages is a presentation of something close to my heart, a collection of wood pole barns , which are great fun for a carpenter to build, add great property value and utility.

If you have any questions or comments please call or email me, thanks....Pete